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a sketch a day keeps the doctor away
09/06/2012 The sound of silence - Take 1

08/06/2012 Mexico's drug war

Sketch for an illustration on the deadly drug war in Mexcio. Published in Mo* magazine.

04/06/2012 Wedding Blown cover

Forever together.
Contribution for the weekly Blown Covers contest.

29/04/2012 Wireless-stress

The art of being unreachable.

22/04/2012 Tipsy @ work

08/03/2012 Hubris

Zippergate. The usual overestimation.
Illustration for a column written by An Olaerts, publsihed by Vacature Magazine.

09/02/2012 Mathness

08/02/2012 Competition@work

08/02/2012 carjack

25/01/2012 The shadowmaker