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a sketch a day keeps the doctor away
02/08/2010 In our bankers we trust #2

01/08/2010 In our bankers we trust #1

30/07/2010 Hunger and greed

sketch for an essay on food shortages and food surpluses in the world.
Commissioned by MO* magazine.

29/07/2010 Summertime blues

This is the sound of summer: Das ist meine freude...

27/07/2010 Summerdays #3

26/07/2010 Summerdays #2

25/07/2010 Summerdays #1

20/07/2010 Europe in modern times

What if Zeus was a red bull?

21/05/2010 desperately seeking inspiration#2

18/05/2010 desperately seeking inspiration#1