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04/09/2015 HEADLINES exhibition @ Spindokters

HEADLINES is a walk on the fine line between light and dark. Chunky heads with a gripping look appear and disappear in countless shades of black. Klaas Verplancke adds a new heading to his extensive and varied oeuvre with this unprecedented and previously unseen gallery work.

Gallery Spindokter+ , Lange Altaarstraat 29, 2018 Antwerpen Belgium

Vernissage: Donderdagavond 17 september om 19:30u.
Wil je er graag bij zijn? Seintje naar

De expo loopt tot 14/11 - Opening elke werkdag tss 09 en 18 u. In het weekend op afspraak.

01/07/2015 11th Applesauce translation

New Taiwanese version. Thank you Grimm Press.

(English, Swedish, Danish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Hungarian, Portugese and Croatian rights sold) More editions in preparation. More Applesauce here.

16/06/2015 Follow me

on my new website, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

29/05/2015 In-zicht

Knack Weekend 20 mei 2015 © tekst Peter Van Dyck © foto Fred Debrock

24/04/2015 10th consecutive nomination for ALMA

Party time! My 10th consecutive nomination for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award was announced today! Thanks to the nominating bodies and congratulations to the other nominees from Flanders and the Netherlands.

24/03/2015 Exhibition in the streets of New York

Portrait drawing engraved in the commemorative plaque on the occasion of the “Father Damien Way” inauguration on Monday, May 11, at 1:30 PM. The Hon. Geert Bourgeois, Minister-President of the Government of Flanders and His Eminence, Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan will be inaugurating “Father Damien Way” together at the Chapel of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary on 33rd Street between 1st and 2nd Avenue. RSVP at
In 2009 FatherDamien was canonized by the Vatican. He was the 10th person recognized as a Saint by the Catholic Church to have lived, worked, or died in what is now the U.S. To commemorate and celebrate Father Damien’s legacy in NYC, 33rd Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues, has been named “Father Damien Way” in honor of this remarkable Belgian priest.
"Following in the steps of Jesus’ ministry to the lepers, Fr. Damien challenged the stigmatizing effects of disease, giving voice to the voiceless and ultimately sacrificing his own life to bring dignity to so many.” - President Barack Obama

© portrait by Klaas Verplancke

05/03/2015 In een slootje ben ik een bootje

Vers van de pers: In een slootje ben ik een bootje, een kleurrijk samenleesboek met grappige versjes van Bette Westera, naar een idee van Pierre Coran. Lees het raadsel en ontdek op de volgende bladzijde welk voorwerp aan het woord is. Een boek waarin alledaagse voorwerpen tot leven komen.
'Wij zijn een stel, het mes en ik. We zijn al jaren samen. Het mes snijdt alles kort en klein, en ik, ik prik met name. Het is een overzichtelijk, maar nogal saai bestaan. Ik zou zo graag eens zonder mes van tafel willen gaan. Vandaag of morgen neem ik het besluit. Dan vlieg ik er eens lekker tussenuit.'

Verschenen bij Lannoo

09/02/2015 The story behind the story


30/01/2015 The man who couldn't stop

OCD and the True Story of a Life Lost in Thought. New work times for The New York Times Sunday Book Review. Thanks to AD Nicholas Blechman.

26/12/2014 Me, Myself, and us

The Science of Personality and the Art of Well-Being. A new contribution for The New York Times. Thanks to AD Nicholas Blechman.

03/12/2014 The future history
26/11/2014 IH8WAR art
20/10/2014 Jury jobs
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a sketch a day keeps the doctor away

Art-direction for an upcoming animation project.

22/09/2014 domestic violence in football culture

Rejected cartoon style illustration for The New Yorker. Submission on the news topic of football players hitting their wives and girlfriends. 

08/09/2014 Studiousness

Rejected cover proposal for MO magazine

29/08/2014 Eyes bucket challenge

Published in the unpublished files.

28/08/2014 Ice age challenge

27/08/2014 ice cream challenge

Published in the unpublished files.

25/08/2014 Ice land challenge

Published in the unpublished files.

25/08/2014 Ice bear challenge

Published in the unpublished files.

23/08/2014 The weeping wounds of war

Published in the unpublished files.

29/07/2014 Facing war

 Published in the unpublished files.